Missed Sunday morning dew.

For the third day in a row I took a walk in the wetlands of Holland. Isn't Spring fantastic! I overslept a little, but I still managed to catch some of the morning dew. Didn't manage to make a picture of the butterflies.

I still have to get used to changing lenses. If I had the right lens I could have made a better picture of the swimming musk rat. There is lefe everywhere. Didn't realize while standing on a bridge there was a big pike just underneath me. I couldn't make a picture, I only got some mud swirling up. Couldn't get a close up of the big waterbird, but a bit further some of his friend were sunbathing.

I think I found some kind of trap. I will do no harm where I found it. Yesterday I already talked about the circle of life. Again a duck was killed and eaten. I guess it was a bird of pray who got her. This explosion of life is kind of cruel. Abundance for everybody. So animal higher up in the food chain pray on the newborn of others who mostly eat the new plants and insects.

It is no always very safe to eat wild edibles. The spots on this wild garlic is not morning dew.

 Enjoy your Sunday